Monday, December 2, 2013

What To Pack in a Work Bag

Now that I'm a working girl (finally!) I find myself packing a work bag everyday as opposed to bring my purse into work. Slowly I've been figuring out what I need to bring to work each day and carry with my when I go to class with my students. So today I will highlight my favorite work bag items. 
  • Fun Pencils and a Nice Pen (plus a case to carry them in): I take a lot of notes at work and I love these cheery pencils from Design Darling, they are definitely a great pick me up when class gets boring. Plus you can carry all your writing utensils in a pretty Lilly pencil case. I'm super guilty of digging through my bag looking for something to write with so having a case is perfect.
  • Paperclips: I'm always collecting papers and homework assignments so these fun paperclips would keep me organized.
  • USB drive: I am always running to the computer labs to print things out and make copies. How fun is this Kate Spade drive?!
  • Note pads: Perfect for taking notes and jotting down different brainstorming ideas. I love making checklists so these little pads are just right!
  • Kate Spade Tumbler: I bring a fruit smoothie to work with me every morning. For awhile I was carrying it in this old travel coffee mug and it would always tip over and make a mess so this Kate Spade Insulated Tumbler is on my Christmas list.
  • Planner: I live for a great planner, it helps me keep track of things I need to do, plus it's a great place to record my blog topics for the week.
  • Lunch Bag: A couple years ago I bought a Vera Bradley lunch bag and I still bring it to work with me everyday. It's big enough to hold my everything I need for lunch, and it's insulated so it keeps my things cool.
  • Michael Kors Tote: I bought a similar tote in teal at the Michael Kors Outlet last year and I love it. It holds all of my other items perfectly.
What do you keep in your work/school bag?



  1. Such cute things!! I love the Michael Kors tote :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. This is such a great post! I love those note pads!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. This is such a fun work bag! I love that you add so much color, but keep the bag professional. I love the bow thumb drive


  4. I agree, I go with a work bag over a purse. I usually slip a smaller clutch inside my work bag for when I need to dash across campus for a coffee.

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  5. The cup is my fav! I def have a work bag and not a work purse!

  6. Love your ideas, cute picks!


  7. This is a great post! I always feel like I pack wayyy too much or not enough in my work bag. All of these are such cute picks and definitely necessities for a working girl! Also, that Michael Kors bag just made it onto my Christmas list!

    A Little Look Inside Me

  8. yes! love all these things! i'm still carrying my vera bradley lunch bag--its the best!

  9. This is such a great post! I love that Michael Kors Tote, I really want to get it in red. Love all the things you pack in your work bag!


  10. I have the same Vera lunch bag (different pattern) that I've toted to work for the past few years. Unfortunately, it's a little small for my gigantic salads, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. All of your picks for your work bag are great! My planner is also on my must-have list!!

  11. Love this Post ,great Work!
    Follow new ,mind follow back?

    kisses :)

  12. I'm loving this Kate Spade bow USB! These are great suggestions :)


  13. I love the Lilly Pencil Case and USB Drive! I always bring my sunglasses (they're prescription) and a moleskin notebook for notes, lists, and random things that I don't need to put in my agenda.

    jess | Quaintrelle

  14. Love the post! I sometimes feel like I carry to much stuff, but you never know what you will need. I always have pens and a notebook/planner. And my Lilly pen is one of my favorites.

  15. Neat post. I love to keep a smoothie,a quick snack,and a notebook and pen in my bag.


  16. such a nice and realistic post !! love the cute pink pencils :) would you like to follow each other doll :) xx

  17. i'm planning on doing a similar post soon!

    PS: just tagged you in a post! xx

    Rachel @

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