Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gifts: Mom


If I had to pick my favorite person to shop for during the holiday season it would be my mom. I definitely get my sense of style from her, she is never afraid to take risks and she is quite the fashionista if I do say so myself. My mom is the queen of statement jewelry and funky heels which makes Christmas shopping for her a breeze. However, not everyone has an easy time finding fun and affordable presents for their mom so today I will share my favorite gift picks for the mothers in your life. 
  1. Cashmere Sweaters: You can never go wrong with Cashmere, it's a timeless fabric that all ages will appreciate
  2. Pajama Sets: I feel like my mom never invests in a nice pair or pajamas for herself so these pretty set would be the perfect gift for her.
  3. Candles: My mom is a sucker for Yankee Candles especially in the buttercream or coffee scents. 
  4. Scarves: Whether it be for a winter coat or just a light scarf to compliment an outfit, there are so many fun prints out there mom will love.
  5. Jewelry: I know every mom is different but if you paired a piece of jewelry with a fun sweater, mom could have a whole new outfit to wear!
  6. Cake Stand: My mom is not much of a baker or cook but for any mom who loves to spend her time in the kitchen baking goodies this polka dot cake stand would be a perfect way to display her finished product!
  7. Handbag: My mom has a rule "her shoes have to match her hand bag"... a classic bag never goes out of style so treat your mom to a bag she'll have forever!
  8. Fur Throws: My mom is always cold (I must get it from her) so this faux throw is perfect for those cold New York nights.
  9. Wine Stoppers: For the mom who loves to entertain and host parties
  10. Monogrammed Jewelry Box: To hold all the jewelry you put in her stocking... duh!
  11. A Big Ole Mug: My mom is a big tea drinker and she prefers her mugs be giant, this C Wonder cup is too cute and quite cheap!

Have you bought anything for mom yet for Christmas?
Do you have any fun suggestions for me to give to my mom?!



  1. I have been lusting after that cake plate forever! I love that you did a mom board!

  2. These are great picks! I think my mom would love that sweater!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. I am just about done shopping for my mom for Christmas. I bought her a giftcard to a spa, a giftcard to a restaurant, magets with personalized photos, and I made her DIY dipped wooden kitchen utensls.

  4. Great gift guide! Why are moms so hard to shop for?

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  5. This is an amazing gift guide! My mom & I both adore Yankee candles & cashmere sweaters are always such a great gift :)


  6. Great ideas! I always have the hardest time picking something for my mom! I help my dad shop for her, and by the time we're done I have no ideas left. :o) The pajama set is always a great go-to, and I love the sweater or purse ideas. Always great for a mom who won't buy them for herself. I think this year will be the best gift we've given my mom as we're getting them a puppy!
    Katy @ Classic Katy

  7. lots of good ideas! my mom is my favorite to shop for as well!

  8. Great selections! I know my Mom sure would love any of these :)

  9. My mom would love so many of the items you choose for this gift guide! That cake stand is beautiful!


  10. Love it! Candles, scarfs, purses and jewelry are my go to mom gifts!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  11. Love the options! My mom doesn't spend much time in the Kitchen either, but I saw in a magazine that they used a cake stand near the sink to hold the soap and sponge. It was really cute!

  12. All these prezzies are so cute!! Thanks for this post!! I started following you on Bloglovin' as well babe!!

    Big kiss!


  13. My mom is a huge fan of Yankee Candle, too! This is a perfect gift guide. I really like the monogrammed jewelry box because my mom has TONS of jewelry!


  14. Oh,so hard to chose from! They both look great!


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