Friday, December 20, 2013

Currently Loving...

TGIF Everyone!
I am officially on Christmas break and I couldn't be more excited, the perks of working at a school are definitely awesome. I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks catching up with family and friends and doing some celebrating!

Here are the things I'm loving this week:
The Jingle
Tonight is our annual holiday party we call The Jingle! All my friends will be home for Christmas and we will be reunited again! I am so excited for our Secret Santa and cookie exchange. Above is pictures from our previous themes (Christmas pajamas and ugly sweaters). This year we are doing a Christmas character theme... I've got my reindeer antlers ready!

Holiday Treats
I dont know about the rest of your but my house is filled with a variety of Christmas treats from candy to cookies. My waist line isn't very happy but the rest of me is, I can't stop snacking! Guess I'll start fresh in the new year!

The malls have been so hot lately that I couldn't bear to walk around in a winter coat. I'm loving this Lilly vest because it would keep me warm without causing me to become overheated!

Family Game Show
Each Christmas Eve my cousin and I host a family game show for my extended family. They are split up into 3 teams and asked questions about a variety of different topics including pop culture, history, name that tune, and Christmas trivia. We already have the topics for this years game show but still have to come up with some questions! Lucky for our family we will be giving away prizes this year to the winning team! We always have so many laughs!

Is anyone else going to any holiday parties this weekend?
How many of you are officially on Christmas break?


  1. I hope your friend party is super fun!! We have an ugly sweater party tonight that I am so excited for. Have a great weekend!!

  2. The jingle sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your time off!


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  4. Wow I love some of your traditions! I go to a party at my friends house that's similar to the jingle. Its always a blast! Also a family game show night sounds just too fun! That's such a great idea!


  5. I wish I had a Christmas party to go to! I hope you have fun!
    You're totally right about the malls, I'm always burning up but have no where to put my coat until I've bought something and can shove it in the bag! haha. I've finally gotten a vest and next time I go to the mall I'm taking your advice and wearing it!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  6. The Jingle sounds like such a fun Christmas party! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!


  7. Have so much fun at the jingle!! Sounds like a blast :)

  8. I definitely enjoy family game night Christmas Eve. There's laughing, screaming and singing... great time.
    the way to my Hart

  9. Yay for being on Christmas break! Have a great holiday! xo

  10. You and your friends are so cute that you have different themed parties every year!! I LOVE the photos from the Christmas PJs party! Can't wait to see a re-cap of all the different Christmas characters you all come up with!

    xo, B

  11. Great post - the jingle sound like so much fun!<3


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