Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

 I had the most amazing birthday weekend. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday, you have all become my (blog) friends and I appreciate all the love. I also want to thank my friends and family who made me feel so special, I am one lucky gal!

My downfall
My cousin Zach
     On Saturday night I went out with some friends and my cousin for drinks.... maybe one too many drinks because Sunday morning was rough. Lesson learned. I have many friends... tequila is not one of them. 

They bought me so many fun gifts, I'm excited to wear each and every one of them. 

Sunday was nice and relaxing, mainly because I was too hungover to get off the couch. But I did rally and make it to a nice dinner at Sake, a hibachi restaurant in our area, with my parents. Plus my parents bought me a beautiful Kate Spade clutch, belt and bangle that I love. The glitter clutch and belt will be perfect for the holidays. 

So again thank you all so much. I'm excited for the year ahead, and hopefully with a little bit of work I'll be able to cross of all items off my 25 Before 25 list. 



  1. I am so glad you had a good birthday weekend!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. So glad you had an amazing birthday!!! It's standard to be hungover the whole weekend... just means you lived it up on your big day! :) Oh, and I did a big 26 before 26 list when I turned 25, too. Bucket lists are great... if only I can actually check all my items off!

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. Yay, so glad you had a good birthday weekend! That clutch is beautifullll. I'm so jealous! :)


  4. Love the gold bitter clutch, perfect present!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  5. I love the glitter clutch! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday!


  6. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing one- that clutch is gorgeous :)


  7. Happy (belated) Birthday, Alex! It looks like you had an amazing birthday weekend. It is always the best when you can celebrate with family and friends!

    What gorgeous gifts!!! That Kate Spade clutch is perfection. I love it!

    And the 25 before 25- such a cool idea! As a fellow Nov. baby, you have definitely inpsired me to start making my own list :)


  8. Love that sparkly clutch! Happy birthday again!

  9. Sounds like such a great time! Happy birthday!


  10. Happy belated birthday!! Love your Kate Spade clutch!

  11. Sounds fun! You can never go wrong with Kate Spade.

  12. Love that bag! Happy bday!

  13. Looks like a wonderful weekend!! Happy Belated :)


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