Monday, November 4, 2013

Gifts Under $25

         Each year my friends and I hold an annual Christmas Party we call The Jingle. The basic idea of the party is that each year someone new hosts so the responsibilities don't fall on the same person every year, this person also thinks of a theme for the party (when I hosted we did ugly Christmas sweaters), we have a cookie exchange and a secret santa plus plenty of food and drinks. The reason I am telling you all of this now is because last week we drew names for the secret santa so we have time to think of a creative fun gift for under $25. 
       I've already been thinking of different ideas to get my person (I cant give any clues in case they read my blog). But I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of the great gifts I discovered when doing some research. Here are the 7 idea's I have come up with... I will probably do another one of these when it gets closer to Christmas!
  • Scarves- So many great affordable scarves out there, all you would have to do is pick out one that would match your friend/family member's winter coat!
  • Jewelry- You can never go wrong with jewelry! I picked out cute affordable pieces from J Crew Factory and Francesca's.
  • Magazine Subscription- I love reading fashion magazines but it's one of those things you don't always like spending the extra money on. A magazine subscription is a fun reminder for your secret santa all year long!
  • Candles- I love lighting candles in the winter and Bath & Body works always have amazing scents. Plus you could add fun matches from Design Darling!
  • Games- I come from a family who LOVES playing games, especially around the holidays when we are all together. One of my all time favorites is Catchphrase which is basically a mixture of categories and hot potato. 
  • Clutch- My friends and I love to go out on weekends to get drinks so a cute little clutch would be a great accessory to get them!
  • Nail Polish- These make great stocking stuffers too... who doesn't love nail polish (you could even pair it with a gift certificate to the nail salon in your area!)
Do you have any gift idea's under $25 for me?
Do you do a Secret Santa in your friend group?
Am I starting my Holiday talk too soon?!



  1. Some of my favorite places to shop for cute little goodies are Design Darling, J.Crew Factory, and Swoozies! All of those stores have great gifts under $25 :)


  2. I never thought of a magazine subscription! Ah I'd love if someone got me one for any interior design magazines, those are my downfall ;) I think I'm going to put together that Starbucks cup gift pack for my sister. It's over $25, but she's a sucker for Starbucks, nail polish and any other little stuff I can find to throw in there. :)

    Also, you're not starting holiday talk too soon. I'm already listening to Christmas music. To be honest, Christmas is my most FAVORITE holiday so I'm a little biased. :)

    carelessly graceful

  3. Love the magazine subscription idea! The best gifts are the things you love, but would never spend the extra money on!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  4. Ah! These are great ideas! I'm starting my Christmas shopping soon, I'm going to keep these in mind!

  5. I agree, the magazine subscription is an awesome idea! I would also try Sephora's gift sets - they have some nice ones for $25 and under! You could also do a subscription to a beauty box - last year my mom got me 3 months to Birchbox and I think it was only $30 :)

    jess | Quaintrelle

  6. I love all of these gift ideas! I would have never thought of a magazine subscription as a gift, but it is perfect! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Great gift ideas! I love Christmas shopping! These are helpful! I never thought of a mag subscription either! Great idea!

    xo Showered With Design

  8. I've never hosted a party, but this is a good idea! I love the magazine subscription idea.


  9. I love giving scarves and jewelry for Christmas too! :) J Crew Factory is definitely a great place for both. I've actually already done most of my shopping believe it or not.


  10. Love the Essie nail polish.


  11. These all sounds great. I love to pair things like the nail polish with a cute printed nail file. Great post, Christmas will be here before we know it!

  12. A magazine subscription is literally my favorite gift! It keeps on giving every single month and its something everybody wants but doesn't want to pay for!


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